The Press Release as a Marketing Tool

Press releases can be a very effective way to get your message out to a wide audience. From working with a top press release distribution service, I’ve watched a brand’s message spread from the press release to huge features stories on some of the biggest publications in the world.

While these brands gain valuable PR exposure to grow their brand, sales and website visits go way up. Some companies have gotten their first big breakthrough the distribution of a well written, and excellently placed press release.

While other companies have sent out a badly placed press release that was never picked up and was barely read.

So, while the distribution of a press release might just be something every business does, you should never underestimate the power of a great press release. And how it can serve as an excellent marketing tool.

1. Click-throughs

Back in the day, press releases were just a piece of paper exchanged among colleagues or professionals. Something you’d print and distribute to local media outlets.

But in today’s world, where everything lives online, the press release can lead traffic right to a high performing landing page, or to a page that has them sign up to your email list.

The press release is your conversation starter and you can now do whatever you want once you have their attention. Choose your words wisely and make a plan.

2. Backlinks for SEO

By using a press release distribution service like Linking News, you can send your press release out to thousands and thousands of people quite easily. If you have a good story, it will get picked up and will be published in many places.[1]

While every placement won’t move the needle in making your brand a household name, these small mentions can play a big role in the long run.

3. Control the message

What I love about the press releases, compared to just a short email pitch that might convince a journalist to write about you, is that you control the message.[2]

With a press release, there’s a good chance a journalist (who are always on a time crunch) will take the information you have in the press release, slightly reword it and publish. If you insert the perfect quotes and use all the messaging you want to have related to your company, this can be a huge win.

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