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‘If I was rewriting, I would reword the post differently to make this clear.’

‘You might still want to reword the material if the context is different enough to justify such alterations, but there’s no ethical obligation to do so.’

‘However, certain questions were reworded slightly to capture differences between respondents’ intentions last fall and their actual behavior over the past year.’

‘The site also summarizes and rewords the things he says at various events and press-conferences.’

‘DJ worked until late Thursday night (well, late for a 9 year old), making a cover for his report, rewording the report three or four times, making the cover over again… it’s tough being a perfectionist.’

‘This led to a movement toward rewording the death penalty statutes to attempt to avoid the inequality in application.’

‘But it appears that the Executive has averted a damaging row with the Church after controversial aspects of the panel’s report were reworded to take account of religious sensitivities.’

‘Prol has reworded the original post and indicates that it probably won’t be archived.’

‘Now, let’s reword the sentence from the above mentioned story.’

‘Let me reword my question: assume a commitment has been made to putting TV show titles in quotes…’

‘A major international news organisation is not supposed to simply reword press releases from the guilty.’

‘If you do not get the information you are looking for, reword your search.’

‘I did reword it a bit, see if you can tell where my creative genius improved the story, ok?’

‘Researchers using Likert scales reword items to identify yeasayers and naysayers.’

‘Same story and everything, just reword it and stuff so it sounds more like this chapter, which I find myself liking a lot.’

‘It’s a poor review that simply rewords the instruction manual and then adds: ‘Overall, the game is good/bad.’’

‘Suggestions for improvement consist of including more items on the test, using multiple-choice items, and rewording current items for clarity and relevance.’

‘It may be that this is easier in relation to subordinate as opposed to primary legislation, but it appears to open the door to the possibility of courts rewording statutes.’

‘After rewording the question to ask if the intimacy of the record is lost on the stage, Adam responds a little more earnestly.’

‘The difficulty was rewording the discretionary world in a new way for the second half of the century.’

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