How to Rewrite a Boring Press Release into a Blog Post

We’ll walk you through how to rewrite a boring press release into an engaging and relevant blog post.

21 Nov

How to Rewrite a Boring Press Release in to a Blog Post

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Joyce Brewer


Take a look at the email inbox for your blog. Chances are a good amount of those emails contain press releases. They’re announcements from a publicist or public relations firm. They’d love for you to write a raving review of a new product or invite your audience to an event. But lifestyle and parenting blogs are designed to give your audience what they’d like, not purely serve up pre-written content. Your voice needs to be heard, not purely marketing messages. How can you find relevant, engaging content within the last press release you received? It’s easier than you think. We’ll walk you through how to rewrite a boring press release into an engaging and relevant blog post.

Rewrite a Boring Press Release

Point out what’s relatable.

How does this press release relate to your audience?

Does it feature a local event they can attend?

Is the press release announcing a new product your audience would love to hear about? Is it expensive or frugal? Where are the best places to find it online or locally?

Spin the press release into a relatable way for your audience to get access or be the first to know.

Add statistics to a graphic or infographic.

While some press releases can appear purely self-serving from the PR person who sent it, or purely sales-driven, don’t look past what’s news.

Are there statistics, new research or relevant phone numbers in the press release that you can share with your audience?

If the answer is yes, you can feature those numbers on a graphic or infographic. Well-designed and vibrant images do well on platforms like Pinterest.


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Target keywords & trends.

A timely press release can be an opportunity to target relevant keywords for your blog.

See what’s trending on social media. If the press release relates to it, rewrite it as a relevant blog post. Add hashtags to your social shares so the post is found on social media.

Agree or disagree with the press release’s focus.

State your case clearly on why you agree or disagree with the information in the press release.

Do you have a personal experience with the product, device or venue it’s promoting?

This is the ideal time to let your opinion shine through.

Request an interview.

You may have noticed that press releases are focusing on offering an expert to interview or new research.

This is a prime opportunity to conduct an interview featuring the expert’s insight on your blog.

Reply to the press contact and request an interview.

You can interview an expert on any of your social media platforms. Think of ways to conduct the interview on IGTV, Facebook Live, YouTube or a podcast. Embed the HTML code for each video or audio player into your blog post.

Add affiliate links.

The details of a press release can be an excellent opportunity to write a blog post with income-earning affiliate links.

Amazon sells almost every product imaginable. Did you know you can order tires for your car on Amazon?

Comment below: How do you typically handle press releases that flood your inbox? If you have a great example of how you turned a press release into a blog post, leave a link in the comments.

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